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Peninsula Technikon’s eye-catching architecture
is one of its prominent features.
Bellville, Western Cape

World-class programmes and state-of-the-art facilities

Peninsula Technikon offers career-specific, world-class programmes and holistic student development at affordable fees. The institution’s eye-catching architecture boasts a new state-of-the-art Information Technology Centre. The only one of its kind in Africa, the IT Centre makes provision for up-market Business Faculty facilities, a video-conferencing facility as well as structured and instructional informational technology facilities. To date, the Technikon has a student complement of 9 000.

Peninsula Technikon is situated in Bellville South, just five kilometres from Cape Town International Airport.

Career-specific programmes at Peninsula Technikon are offered in three faculties: Engineering Science and Business. Short courses and further education are offered through the Technikon’s Centre for Continuing Education. Qualifications are structured as follows: National Diploma (three years), Bachelor of Technology, Masters in Technology and Doctorate in Technology.

Admission of international students
Peninsula Technikon evaluates qualifications of international students in terms of the standard admission requirements as determined by the CTP. The Technikon will register a person from another country with a study permit issued by the Department of Home Affairs. The closing dates for applications are 31 July for year and first semester courses and 15 April for second semester courses.

Support services for students include the Library and Information Services (LIS), Student Counselling, Co-operative Education, access to modern IT Centre facilities, the Citiwise Drivers Programme, Campus Health Services and various sports and recreational activities.

The Technikon has six residences on campus and one off-campus residence in Bellville. Residences are open to international students.

Research and faculties
Peninsula Technikon is at the forefront of efforts to create a research dispensation fine-tuned to finding solutions to a host of real-world problems. Peninsula Technikon’s focus on research covers three of its key faculties.

  1. Faculty of Science
    Science Education: Development of curricula in Technology and Environmental Sciences. Health Science: Environmental Health and Safety Nursing and Radiography Clinical Radiography Dental Materials and Clinical. Bioscience: Development of inexpensive foodstuffs. Environmental Science: Coastal Resource Management and ensuring a sustainable livelihood for West Coast communities. The Faculty of Science is currently engaged in high technology research in the development of biomembranes for pollution control. A Centre of Cleaner Technologies is being developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan, USA.
  2. Faculty of Engineering
    1. Manufacturing Technology including computational technologies in quality, design and product development. This encompasses five separate activities related to the field of manufacturing.
    2. Control, measurement and signal processing. This research falls largely within electrical engineering.
    3. Sustainable construction and development. This is a relatively new area and aims to address issues such as worker health and safety, government’s construction and procurement policies, affordable construction and the use of recycled materials.
    4. Water and sanitation research. This group investigates ways to improve the quality and provision of sanitation and safe drinking water to the broader community, particularly the informal settlements and rural areas. The work includes the investigation of low dosage sand- and membrane filtration technologies and their applicability within Southern Africa.
    5. Intelligent transport systems. This research focuses on investigating the transport needs within South Africa, particularly for the previously disadvantaged communities, and developing suitable models for optimum transport usage.
  3. Faculty of Business
    Full Research Masters programmes are offered in the following disciplines: Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Management and Retailing. The Technikon also offers a Masters Degree in Business Administration, which involves course work and a mini-dissertation. There is a course-based Masters programme in Human Resource Management, in which students are allowed to major in either Strategic Human Resource Management or Labour Relations and Law, is offered.
P.O. Box 1906
Bellville 7535
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 959 6911
Fax: +27 (0)21 959 5617

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